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Tau, King of Armello

“Armello's once brilliant ruler. Darkness now twists his mind as the Rot pulls him closer to death. A wiser animal has never walked these lands, but tragically, Armello has known no tyranny stronger than that of his paw. Our brightest light must shine its last.”

-Sister Sana

Heros of Armello are:
Thane Graymane, Lady Amber Valebriar,
Sister Sana, Mercurio, the Grinning Blade, River, the Howling Arrow, Barnaby Screwloose and Scarlet, King of Bandits


"rush in da castle with no quest done and only a knife and the fool"

1 year ago


"rush in da castle with no quest done and only a knife and the fool"

Best strategy! :DDD

”You dare to usurp me?”

1 year ago
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