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Thane Graymane

Thane Greymane is a Wolf Clan legend. He is the prince of the ruling Greymane clan, a revered Swordmaster, and the wielder of the mythical Hakonsblade. The young wolf's talent and pedigree are undeniable, even to his enemies.

Thane takes to his reputation with gusto, and a healthy dose of overconfidence. He will do anything to prove his worth to the Wolf Clan. As such, he will stand fast, blade in hand, against any threat to that dream.

Behind Thane's bluster hides a sheltered child of royalty. His lot in life was always as a trophy warrior for the royal line, while his father, and his older brother Fang, shouldered the burden of clan leadership.

This comfortable life was torn away from Thane when his father was killed and Fang was banished from the Wolf Clan. All of a sudden, the hopes and dreams of a thousand souls spun towards Thane for guidance. It was a burden which the young cub's shoulders were perhaps not yet ready to bear.

Now, Thane strikes out into Armello. Tragedy has forced a dangerous duty upon him. With blade in hand, he howls a challenge out to all those that oppose him. Blademaster, tactician, spiritual adept, or steadfast loyalist, no matter what you may think of the Winter Wolf, he is here, and his effect on the Kingdom will be undeniable.

Heros of Armello are:
Thane Graymane, Lady Amber Valebriar,
Sister Sana, Mercurio, the Grinning Blade, River, the Howling Arrow, Barnaby Screwloose, and Scarlet, King of Bandits ready to bring Tau, the corrupted king of Armello to fall!

Updated 2024-03-04:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to ears and tail
  • Minor texture touch up on the
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