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What looks like a cute cat at first sight is the relentless and merciless right hand of the arch demon Samael. Felicitas worships her master, yet sees him like the messiah ever since he saved her along her best friend Heather from their pitiful life and turned them into demons.

Having a quite unique power granted by Samael, Felicitas can bend reality around herself and her allies in a subtle way so everyone would consider them extraordinary lucky.

She is not only very protective about Samael, she actually never left his side, annoying him from time to time with her envy towards others. Never the less, she burns with passion for him no matter what he does and she will get rid of anyone who dares to step between them.

Updated 2024-03-13:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to hair, ears and tail
  • Minor texture touch ups
Previous versions

Finally taken a look at this character.

Absolutely great. Your best work? Hard to say since you have so many good ones but this is great.

I personally really really like her face and contrasted with her Grin-Demonic expression.

Love her colours and the patterns on her. The clothing is also interesting and fun. Its not bland, it actually has some funky pretty patterns.

I raised her Dewlap to the point where her collar barely shows and thats how I prefer her, but thats only because I like fluffy stuff.

Great job!

7 months ago


Thanks for the praise!

I found it pretty risky to present her as a dark monster with that expression although she is, at first glance, a cute girl but that's what makes her personality and I'm glad that I made this move.

What's the best character is really hard to tell but I made her with intentions in my head and personally I would definitely rank her among my top ten. She will play a major role on animations so she will stick around eventually.

7 months ago
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  • First uploaded: 7 months, 1 week ago
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