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Samael the Beast in Black

Arch demon of fire, conqueror and bad ass, Samael has only one goal. Invade this world and make it his own!

He fought alongside his pal Asmodeus a century in the war of the ancients and got sealed away from this world by Ophelia Meltemi.

Now however, he is back and with his girls Felicitas and Hoodielum as well as the Spirit Kaji, the Black Flame he is determined to get revenge on Hoshi's so called 'Seven Angels'

Updated 2023-03-29:
FINALLY, the arch demon is back on track!

I always have a lot of fun when Samael is on the table and today was no exception. The nemesis of my story was in dire need of a update so here I go!

  • Adjusted the coat a bit and exchanged the belts with lower poly ones that also look better than the old ones in terms of topology.
    -Added a bunch of expressions to make him come alive like the true bad-ass crazy guy he is ;P
    -Exchanged the old ax with a sword that goes by the wonderful name of "Dragons Ruin" and it suits his style way better I believe.

Updated 2023-11-02:
Adjusted Root size

Updated 2024-02-15:
Animation update

  • Added physics to tail, hair and ears
  • Adjusted clothing
  • Adjusted root size
  • minor touch up

Updated 2024-03-04:
- Fixed tail size and physics
- Changed ear physics for better performance

Previous versions

WOW!! Sensational! I don't think I have seen anything like this here yet :D

2 years, 6 months ago

Ok, im about to go crazy with criticism because I love this guy, good job.

BUT >>>::::((((((

Ok no 'buts' just yet. I wanna say the Countor mask is amazing, I would be too lazy to make something like it but now I see it is worth it, so thanks for the inspiration. I also noticed you use AO layer and actually Comb the fur lol. Gj.

And the Coat is ballers, like how much more awesome can you make stuff.

now come the butts

1-His fur, skin etc are uniformly shiny. Reduce base layer smoothness down to make him look softer. (Do this for parts that require it as well). Especially for the parts that are furred. But then like the nipples or other skin layers, turn up the oppacity in smoothness and give them the better smoothy skin flavour. (Teeth, nipps, fingers maybe).

2-That neck/chest fluff is good... BUuuut (:P) it just needs to not slice into one another so much. Carefully tilting up, widening them slightly, rotating them a bit (Some fluff rotate opposite way... I removed those for testing). Just generally try to not have them slice into eachother.

3-Fur need not have any shaders, and set all to 0. But this imo could be more of a preference thing.

4-Add a subtle skin splatter or something to the Penis, to make it actually nice. I see you made the Mask, but no texture :|. Oh, one tip! I like to see what splatter direction to take in characters. For example, to this guys penis, Ide have his penis base layer smoothness stay 0.5, but have the splatter instead offsett it by having its smoothness to 0.2 or something. There is a difference between having the splatter or base layer be dry or smooth. For his case, its Base smooth, splatter Dry over it (in my opinion)

Anyways, Love his colours. That awesome contour Mask really gave him the magical niceness to his vibrant colours, imma steal that idea.

2 years, 6 months ago

Woops forgot to give a reference to what I did, incase you like the look of this more

By all means, you dont have to follow my advice if it does not suit you.

2 years, 6 months ago

Wow, you really squeezed every bit of detail out of those triangle limits, didn't you? Amazing work as always.

2 years, 6 months ago


I took just a day off only to come back and recognize this awesome section here! Tank you all so much!

@JohnVermer I try to get better with every character and I really appreciate your words!

@MobiusScarf Indeed, that was kind of a war >.> however I made it kind of a personal goal to use up every little bit of resource on my characters and go all out on everything I do.


By all means thank you so much for this huge amount of input! I would love to get that much information on each and every one of my characters ;)
I am sitting right here and try to do all the things so stay tune for a update here!

Also one thing on contour maps before you sink enormous time into doing those!
I'll post a "tutorial" on how I do those inside the forum section of Samael's posts so you all get access to that technique which is really simple. Just need to take a few pictures in blender. Maybe tomorrow it's ready so check that out as well

Again thanks for your support! Keep it up ;)

2 years, 6 months ago

Tutorial for coloration is now live inside the forum under "making of" section of Samael. Enjoy and let me know if something doesn't work the way I described it :D

2 years, 6 months ago
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