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Ophelia, the Whispering Breeze

"Hi everyone! I'm so glad to finally be here, what an excitement!

I'm Ophelia, the Ex-Windlord and master huntress of the Seven Angels. I once served and fought alongside my closest friends Mai-Lin and Kaiga in the old war against the two arch-demons Samael and Asmodeus. I became a legend for defeating Samael and sealing him away but sadly at the cost of my own life. My little son, Cyrill was just a few years old. I hope he is doing well. I made Mai promise me, that she would take care of him if something would happen to me, just like I would have done for her two daughters Aurelia and Kyra.

Updated 2022-02-12:
-Minor tweaking to the garments to improve performance

-Picture and pose update

Updated 2022-02-27:
Complete overhaul!

She's a little new personal favorite of mine so she deserves better and since I change stuff if I don't like it I one again decided to buckle up and go all out!

-Removed the old cape and replaced it, cutting the function to pull the hood up and down. Also re-textured it.
-Added a hat
-Re-positioned her antler and ears to make the hat work
-Added feathers to her hair(they can be turned off in pose mode as well)
-Small improvements on her feet, I messed up with the custom offsets on her first version
-Revamped her face marks
-Added thigh textures to make her look better down there
-Improved skin splatter
-crossbow is now smaller and has a better root to pose it properly
-the "hunters-skirt" garment can be scaled down via shape key to make it fit when you decide to undress her blouse and normal skirt. This improves performance a lot
-Completely new boots

As always: let me know what you think and stay tuned for more stuff! :D

Updated 2022-03-01:
-Adjusted body size and head shape
-Adjusted Thickness
-Adjusted "foot"-mask and fur on her feet
-Adjusted foot claws

Updated 2022-12-22:
Update for the little underdog of mine ;)

  • Added expressions
  • Added shape key to the blouse (open)
  • Added shape key to the skirt (tail-adapt and up)
  • Changed the hair a bit to make it fit under her hat way better
  • fur shader turned to 0
  • Fixed fur issues on her feet and wings
  • Feet claws are now their own model group instance
  • Removed the sword for the sake of triangle management and
    cloth draw calls
  • Clothes and body parts are now assigned the way they should be
  • Quiver is no longer a cloth but a part
  • Adjusted boots
  • Adjusted her root scale, made her a bit smaller to make her
    fit with the rest of the cast
  • fixed anus and vagina shape issues
  • Smoothed out her feet
  • Feet-Paws are back as cloth instance
  • New pose loadout

Updated 2023-11-03:
- Fixed some clothing bugs like clipping on the shoes and the cape
- reworked Windlord sign
- adjusted root size

Updated 2024-02-23:
Animation update!
- Unified tail to be one object for physics
- Added physics to tail, wings and hat-feathers
- fixed some binding issues with the boots
- Hat is now a part, to remove her hair keep "Head-Removal"
garment active.

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  • First uploaded: 2 years, 4 months ago
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  • Based on: #165