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Kaiga O'Brien

Hello my fellow love interests, my name is Kaiga of the house O'Brian. It is a true pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Despite being an inactive member of the Seven Angels I still have to take care of my three children, my wife and my beloved England. This can be quite stressful at some times. So maybe we can find ourselves a quiet beach to take a swim and maybe do a bit more?

As you can tell I am a pretty straight forward person but don't worry. I am a gentle soul and will show you an whole ocean of pleasure if you are willing to join me.

Oh, and also don't worry about my wife. We are a open minded family.

Updated 2021-09-16:
Picture/Pose update

Updated 2021-11-07:
-Backface culling for the flippers
-Added missing AO layers and adjusted thickness layers
-Metalness added to the kimono

Updated 2022-02-01:
Art-station strikes again!

Now, this is Kaiga's outfit during his days as a active member of the Seven Angels.

-Added two lutes (a small one in his hand and a big one on his back)

-Changed the shape and texture of the kimono
-Added leather jacket
-changed color of the pants
-added additional belts and daggers
-added war horn

The new outfit is quite a significant change of style for Kaiga but now he looks way more like his daughter Tallulah and it sort of explains why Stevie want's to become a rock star :P

Updated 2022-12-19:
The Rainmaker is here!

-Reworked clothes, sword and assets
-New poses
-Added expressions
-Re-positioned the beard
-Fixed Hair issues
-Fixed small coloration/body issues

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