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Kaiga O'Brien

Greetings my fellow companions, my name is Kaiga of the house O'Brian. It is a true pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Despite being an inactive member of the Seven Angels I still have to take care of my three children, Tallulah, Stiofán and Niamh, my wife Shanon, and my beloved water domain, the islands you might know as "England".

Seven Angels - Legacy are: 
Hoshi the Celestial
Kaiga O'Brien
Mai-Lin Night Gale
Oros, the Crimson Eclipse
Magnus, the Radient Roar
Ophelia Meltemi, the Whispering Breeze
Leilani, Autumn Embodied

Updated 2022-12-19:
The Rainmaker is here!

-Reworked clothes, sword and assets
-New poses
-Added expressions
-Re-positioned the beard
-Fixed Hair issues
-Fixed small coloration/body issues

Updated 2024-02-15:
Animation update!

  • Added pendant again
  • Added physics to hair, tail, frills, pendant and beard
  • Reworked hair model
  • reworked Kimono texture
  • Changed water lord decal
  • Minor touch ups
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