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Shanon O'Brien

"Dangerous attraction
Femme fatale in action
The most beautiful mistake of my life
She′s a neon flower
Pure seduction power"

-From "One Night In Tokyo" by "Beast in Black".

Shanon is Kaiga's current wife and Niamh's mom. She's a deep sea dragon and quite young for that species (roundabout 50).

That's also why Tallulah hates her like hell...

Shape keys on all clothes
She glows in the dark (like a real deep-sea dragon should!)
Custom nipples

Updated 2022-04-08:
Fixed two bugs with the "up" and "down" shape keys

Previous versions

Now that is a magnificent hair-do.
Cute character also!

1 year, 1 month ago


Now that is a magnificent hair-do.
Cute character also!

Thanks a lot!
I finally convinced myself to give the hair shader a shot after experimenting with hair for the last 50 characters and I really love how she turned out with that ^.^
Also gotta love the two stylized head models of yours, they have such a huge amount of potential with custom offsets like adding lips ;)

1 year, 1 month ago
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