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Tallulah O'Brien

"Hey there boys,

I must say, I quite can't believe myself joining this "app" an jet still here I am...sooooo, about me:

I'm Tallulah which means “leaping water” and this describes me pretty well!

I'm a water dragon, from the noble house of O'Brien which can be tracked back for centuries!
I have a younger brother, Stiofán, and a younger half-sister, Niamh O'Brien, as my father, Kaiga married Shanon, his second wife, after my mother died.

We are all capable of commanding water at our will, making us the so called "Lords of Water" and one of our house always had a seat in the ranks of "Seven Angels" ever since. Now, that my father retired, it's time for me to pick up his legacy and fight for a better tomorrow.

I love swimming, dancing and of course meeting new people!

Don't underestimate me just because I look cute, I can be very challenging at some times! I'm as wild as the sea but I can also be calm like a little pond.

The current Seven Angels consist out of Hoshi the Celestial, Aurelia Nightgale, Kyra Nightgale, Cyrill Meltemi, Tallulah O'Brien, Thelonious Valentino and Eilidh Blazedancer

Updated 2023-07-26:
- Fixed an issue with her skirt to clip with her butt
- Split claw appendage group in hand and feet
- Additional expressions
- Hat is a part that can be moved properly
- new presentation style

Updated 2023-09-28:
- Adjusted root size
- Reworked Water-Dragon-Sign design
- Reworked blouse UV and normal map

Updated 2023-10-15:
- Fixed an issue with the skirt and arm cloth coloration and normal map
- Fixed face topology issues and expression clipping
- Changed sign of water
- Changed hat smoothness

Updated 2024-02-05:
Animation update!

  • Changed flippers to be individual parts
  • Changed Necklace to be a part
  • Fixed an issue with the webbings
  • Fixed an issue with normal display on one of the rapiers
  • Added physics to tail, ears, flippers, necklace and jacket
  • Changed water sign decal on the buttons of her blouse and the tattoo on her leg

Updated 2024-02-21:
Adjusted tail and Admiral Jacket physics

Previous versions

She looks amazing! Really fantastic job with the colors and making the skin look realistic.

3 years, 2 months ago


She looks amazing! Really fantastic job with the colors and making the skin look realistic.

Thank you so much! I've learned a ton of things in the past months and I'm very happy about the results :)

3 years, 2 months ago

Im about to run out of owos

3 years, 1 month ago
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