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Cyrill the Wind

The names’ Cyrill and, guess what, I'm looking for some good fun.

I'm the Lord of Wind, an embodiment of a force of nature, always on the run, never staying long in one place. Most of the time I'm quite the sunny guy but my mood changes like the weather.

Since I'm a bit older than I might look (563 years now...) I bring lots of experience to your bedrooms my dear ladies.

I don't care for relationship, "true love" or anything of that matter...I've been through this already. I lost my wife Anastasia and my daughters Fabienne and Noelani to the flames of war or at least that's what I believe till today since the forest I once called home was burned to ashes and my dearest nowhere to be found. This bitter grieve changed me and my entire life.

So, what I want to say is that I'm only here to break some hearts.
I come over, we do whatever you like and by tomorrow there will be only the whispering wind at your side when you wake up.

Updated 2022-06-20:
Time to revive the Lord of Wind!

-Cloth overhaul (removed old stuff)

-Added chest harness
-Added gloves
-Added boots
-Changed pants and improved performance
-Adjusted sword scale and binding
-Adjusted expressions and added some new ones

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