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Cyrill Meltemi

The names’ Cyrill, Lord of the Wind and last living member of the Meltemi Family, a once grand and proud Greek noble family from the Stormcaller-Clan.

I am the only son of Ophelia , the legendary huntress who wore down and sealed away the arch-demon Samael over a hundred years ago.
I am proud of her but growing up on the streets without a family was a harsh experience till Mai-Lin found and adopted me. I grew up alongside her two daughters [Aurelia] and [Kyra] and now I have the same responsibility like my mother had a century ago.

Samael is back, he destroyed my home and most likely killed my wife Nephele and my two daughters Noelani and Fabienne. At least that's what I have to believe since they were gone for over a year now, nowhere to be found...

Alongside my new partner Tallulah, the daughter of my close friend and ex-college Kaiga and the rest of the Seven Angels I try to hunt down Samael and make him pay for what he did.

The "Current" Seven Angels consist out of Hoshi the Celestial, Aurelia Nightgale, Kyra Nightgale, Cyrill Meltemi, Tallulah O'Brien, Thelonious Valentino and Eilidh Blazedancer

Updated 2023-03-29:
- Added breathing expressions
- Reworked wing model
- Lower poly boots
- Changed sword model

Updated 2023-09-28:
- Root size adjustment
- Improved boots topology and textures
- changed arm cloth garment
- changed wind lord mark decal group

Updated 2024-02-03:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to ears, tail, wings and beard
  • adjusted body and shaft size
  • adjusted textures
  • adjusted sword size and sheath to make them fit
  • adjusted pants to new remove balls binding technique
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Dammit, Blacky, I can only upvote ONCE!

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Dammit, Blacky, I can only upvote ONCE!

Yeah, that's always the thing ;)

But thanks a lot for up voting in general, it's much appreciated!

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