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Fabienne Meltemi


I am Fabienne Meltemi, 21 years old and quite the bubbly person.
My dad, Cyrill is the current "Lord of Wind" and my mom Nephele is -just like him- a noble from a ancient Greek dragon clan.

After I lost my home due to a raid of bad arch demon Samael and his allies I am venturing far and wide across the globe together with my older sister Noelani and a good friend of ours, Gabriel to find my dad and seek shelter inside Hoshi's domain.

Updated 2022-11-30:
I reworked the entire adventure gear and now I'm bringing back her old self.
I decided to split her into two characters. There are way to much changes and I kind of want to have access to both versions especially as we don't know how future animations will work.

-Added shape keys to blouse, jacket and flat cap in addition to the already existing pants-down shape key.
-Root scale up to 1,1. She still was way to small...
-Eye shadow fixed
-small texture bugs fixed
-new pictures

Updated 2024-02-03:
Animation update!

  • Changed flat cap model
  • added physics to ears and tail
  • general brush up
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