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Fabienne - Lightning Legend

"Seven years have past and a lot of things have changed. Hoshi decided it would be best to retire after what happened and now I am the head of the organization called "Seven Angels" where my Dad used to work. He never wanted it to be this way though...
He did everything he could to protect us from this fate but in the end my dear sister Noelani and my friends from back then,Gabriel, Stiofán, Seraphina and...uh...Casimir are the young generation holding the fate of this world in our hands."

Updated 2023-04-14:
Complete overhaul.
I replaced the old design for multiple reasons but mostly because it's supposed to be a more mature version of the original Fabienne design but she ended up looking even younger so I kind of failed to make the time-skip happen on her.

  • Changed body shape (she's taller with longer legs)
  • Added wings
  • New antler model
  • Added butt-lighten mask and removed normals there
  • Replaced panflute with a smaller, one handed flute
  • New hair model
  • Fixed small fur issues

Entire new cloth load-out

It's a bit of a experiment but I added a lot of detail to the cloth textures, tell me what you think on this decision ;)

Previous versions
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  • First uploaded: 5 months, 4 weeks ago
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  • Based on: #99