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Empress Dawn Starfire

"I am Dawn, the daughter of Aurelia, pleased to meet you.
Even though I'm still not entirely used to being the leader of my mother's country and the ambassador of the Seven Angels I'm willing to give it my all to make my people proud.

After all, I inherited the power of the healing touch and so I decided to venture out to help those who suffered while the flames of war burned the past seven years.

I found a close friend in Fabienne Meltemi and she was the one who convinced me to join her forces.

Now I work alongside with her and her sister Noelani as well as their friends Gabriel, Stiofán, Seraphina and my cousin Casimir for a better tomorrow!"

Updated 2024-03-12:
Animation update!

  • Cape and loincloth are now parts
  • Added physics to hair, wings, cape and loincloth
  • Adjusted Root size
  • Texture touch up
  • Changed Light sign decal
  • Updated hair shader
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