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Aurelia the Light

I am Aurelia, guardian of days, ambassador of the Sun and current embodiment of the aspect of light for the last 436 years.

Very pleased to make your acquaintance.

When you move at the speed of light time flows way different than for anyone else so it can get pretty lonely from time to time.

We elemental dragons are...let's call it "complicated", but nevertheless I for myself am a pretty fun girl to hang out with. Always bright smiling!

I am not in search for the perfect match here, but I would love to make some friends and have the most shining time of my life!

So if you think you can brighten my light, let me know how I can find you and I might be there in a flash :)

Updated 2021-01-14:
- Added a ton of rings
- Changed some colors
- Changed the shape of the Areola
- Made the hair more shining
- Added Paw-pads
- Larger wings

Updated 2021-03-25:
With my new acquired skills I decided to give Aurelia a little more love so big changes here:

  • Reworked her body-texture completely and added a new
    dragonscale normal map
  • Reworked her head-ruffle completely
  • Changed the wings to the old Ilinir wing model, big thanks go
    out @iDog who published the meshes. Check him out!
  • Combined all ring-instances to one part in order to
    save draw calls
  • Changed the mesh of the tail-ruffle
  • Changed her inflation to make her slightly more chubby,
    giving her bigger breasts and butt.
  • Added skin-Splatter, new masks on her front-side and more
  • No more blue nostrils^^
  • Removed mirror an her back-hair
  • Added metalness to all parts including wings and ruffles.

I think she turned out pretty sick, let me know what you think about her :D

Updated 2021-05-20:
Update time for the big girl!

-All ring instances are now garments, also changed the look of the neck rings.

-Added normal maps to all metal parts

-Fixed some issues of the ruffle (back and front meshes clipping into each other)

-New mask on the tail to make it blend smoother with the body, also added pixel offset.

-Reworked the tail-ruffle part with new masks

-Pixel offset to the wings, also re-positioned them

-Centered the crest on her back

-Added a normal map to the nails and recolored them slightly.

-Reduced hair resolution

Updated 2021-06-24:
- Added a transparent dress

I felt like she needs at least something to put on :P so here it is

Updated 2021-09-15:
Alright, full gear time for Aurelia! I had her on the table for quite a while and now I feel good to re-release her:

-Changed her arm length, they felt way to short!
-Added new texture to the already existing dress and removed the transparency.
-Reworked the rings all over her body in blender, joined them together to one piece of garment and made them fit with the other pieces of cloth.
-Added a set of lingerie
-Added the "Lightbringer", Aurelia's bow and arrow
-Added some emission to her body and her bow since she is the Lord of Light
-New Nipples
-New poses

Updated 2021-09-19:
Ah folks, tell you what: I felt a bit unhappy with the last update of her so I came back once again and did some polishing on the golden lady:

-Changed the normal map of her scales
-Changed the chest color slightly
-Changed her poses slightly
-Added a color layer to her feet
-Added a new texture to her dress
-Added Heels

Feels way better now. Tell me what you think ;)

Updated 2021-11-03:
- Nipple-Update
- Backface culling on the dress, also did minor tweaking to make
it look a bit better
- Wings bound to the shoulders and also exposed them in pose
mode so they won't get in the way.

Updated 2021-12-23:
Picture update

Updated 2022-03-22:
expression update

Updated 2022-09-22:
Alright, so after pretty much every other dragon of mine received an update I decided to take a look at Aurelia. What bothered me ever since garments started to play a big role was her dress. I made like three versions and none of those really seem to fit her.

I went a brave step and changed her quite a bit.

  • Added corset garment with shape key (tail adapt)
  • Added a new top garment with shape key (pull sideways)
  • removed old dress and lingerie
  • changed hair from fluff to mesh
  • Reworked expressions
  • Reworked eyelashes
  • reworked body shape
  • Changed ring garments and Heels coloration
  • Fixed a texture bug regarding her wings and tail ruffles
  • Changed scales normal map on her body as well as her body

Updated 2022-09-23:
Fixed a little issue with the back hair and gave it more volume

Updated 2023-01-08:
- Reworked skirt binding. it's now surface based. Sacrificing a bit of skirt smoothness for the ability to make her breath underneath it and get rid of clipping issues.

Previous versions
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First! Nicely done, with the fur! I've been debating for the longest time, what I should do with the hair, I think you've helped me a bit with that decision. Gotta love dragons!

2 years ago


First! Nicely done, with the fur! I've been debating for the longest time, what I should do with the hair, I think you've helped me a bit with that decision. Gotta love dragons!

So glad you like her, thanks for the flowers :)
Always happy to be an inspiration for you folks

2 years ago

You've done a lot of great work on here, but Aurelia is my personal favorite. Bravo!

1 year, 2 months ago


You've done a lot of great work on here, but Aurelia is my personal favorite. Bravo!

Thanks a lot! That so nice to hear :D
I'm always glad when I can bring a little joy to you all.

1 year, 2 months ago

Holy shit that new outfit is HOT

4 months, 2 weeks ago


Holy shit that new outfit is HOT

Thanks a lot! I figured it would be worth it to swap things out ;)

4 months, 2 weeks ago

Nice update!

3 months ago


Nice update!

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoy her new style ;)

3 months ago

The update is a great excuse to note how much I love your work

2 weeks ago


The update is a great excuse to note how much I love your work

This is so nice of you! Thanks a lot :D
I once told myself " If you ever get feedback, even if it's just one person who truly loves your work it was worth the work. So it's because of all that nice feedback I am getting from you and of course the rest of the community that I am still here. Really. Thank you so much!

1 week, 5 days ago
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