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Thelonious Valentino

"May I introduce myself?
I am Thelonious, a mere humble servant to my dear lady Hoshi.

Back in the old time I was a proud warrior, a man of honor, but now I am just an old rusty relic from a world long gone. Yet still I hope I can be of assistance to make this world a little better.

As the Lord of Earth I am a calm and thoughtful man. I still tend to have my little feud with the Lord of Wind, I certainly have to keep an eye on him for the rest of my life. I might have gotten a bit to lazy but here I am, looking for someone to embrace...or hope that I will be found by the one I care about the most.

The "Current" Seven Angels consist out of Hoshi the Celestial, Aurelia Nightgale, Kyra Nightgale, Cyrill Meltemi, Tallulah O'Brien, Thelonious Valentino and Eilidh Blazedancer

Thelonious is the father of Gabriel Valentino

Updated 2022-03-31:
Expression update

Updated 2022-09-05:
It's finally time to give Thelonious what he deserves:
A full samurai armor!

Updated 2023-10-14:
- Adjusted root size
- Changed dragon sign texture
- Fixed problem with the lower armor plates

Updated 2024-02-05:
Animation update!

  • Armor now consists out of parts with physics
  • Added physics to tail, wings and armor
  • Minor brush up
Previous versions

Netter Drache :)

3 years ago


Thank's a lot! As always I've took my time to work on him, so it's nice that you appreciate it :)

3 years ago

Looks interresting, love the copper colour scheme.
But I think im having a bug with him. His nose horn is transparent for me, does not look intended to be so.

I wierdly love the gradience on the penis. Looks nice.

3 years ago


Looks interresting, love the copper colour scheme.

Tanks :)

But I think im having a bug with him. His nose horn is transparent for me, does not look intended to be so.

I've checked him right now via load button (not my backup files) and the horn looked right to me (of course it features SSS-Shader and pixel offset + normal blending, but what you describe sounds like something else), BUT I am currently not running the latest Version of VNE since I intend to wait for the "Big release" in maybe June/July. If it's caused by the new version there won't be anything I can do for now, but if not we can work something out.

I wierdly love the gradience on the penis. Looks nice.

Yeah, just tryin' something new every now and then :) Nice to hear!

3 years ago

The armor is just amazing! The design, the textures, (chef's kiss)!

1 year, 9 months ago


The armor is just amazing! The design, the textures, (chef's kiss)!

Thanks a lot! As time passes I'm finally be able to give them the outfits I imagined them they would wear.

1 year, 9 months ago
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