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Kyra the Darkness

"In the beginning stood a temple of peace, love and hope. Choirs of angels sang in it's chambers. But by the Darkness' command it has been raided. From the treasures and spoils of war a new temple was raised...the Temple of Lies"

Sounds not so familiar to you?
Of course not!
Happened quite a while ago.
Several centuries actually.
But my Sister needed some good spanking
aaand hell I really loved it!

I bore many names over the ages, can't really remember them all. What I know is, that I am the incarnation of darkness.
They call me fierce and malicious but it's not that simple actually.

I love giving you a rough time, but finding someone who could actually tame me is an very intriguing thought so...maybe...I submit to you if your a brave one >;)

Updated 2021-01-24:
- Changed the scale-texture to the AO snake scales
- Removed the Tail-Tip part
- lightened the area around the starting point of the Tail
- Added Eyes since I changed my mind about the "blind-thing".
Just looked a bit to creepy after all :P
- New pictures...of course ;)

Updated 2021-06-02:
Small update for Kyra until I know what I want to do with actual clothing:

  • Paws, head frills, shoulder spikes and the necklace are now garments

-Added a few texture masks to the wings like skin splatter, thickness and socket+spike colors

  • Reduced resolution of the hair to save triangles

-Added Anus

-Added skin splatter to the body and the parts

-Added normal maps to all spikes horns and claws

-Changed the shader of the pendant from "hair" to "transparent"

Glow in the dark "blind" eyes are back! Just turned the pupil to look inside the head in pose mode though.

Drop me a line what you think :)

Updated 2021-06-24:
- Added the Helix-Sword

Updated 2021-09-23:
Big update time for Kyra. I tell you this one took a while but now I consider her "finished". I intended to do so much more but know the thing.

  • Removed the necklace completely because of the amount of triangles the chain was consuming.
    -Sadly I also had to cut the spikes on her shoulders for the same reason (if you would prefer them to come back I can try to cut something else instead)
  • Lowered the resolution of the hair
    -Changed the normal map of her scales on the body from snake to dragon

-Added chest armor
-Added pantie armor
-Added a Tiara with "the Mask" (Easter egg hunter will know
what I mean)
-Added gloves
-Added boots
-New nipples
-New poses
-Remodeled the Deity Sword entirely
- Small changes to the size and position of the hand- and foot claws

That's all for now.
Let me know what you think of her ;)

Updated 2021-11-03:
- Nipple-Update, also changed the color to a more skin-color
- Boots begone, welcome back shoulder spikes! (I really feel
better with this way, it's a bit like bringing her old self back)
- Reworked her head-frills. added new texture and thickness

Updated 2021-12-24:
Picture update

Updated 2022-03-23:
Expression update

Updated 2022-03-30:
Adjusted expressions

Previous versions

Whew, had a hard one with Kyra!

For my 10th char I thought it should be something more "special", so here we go with futa. It seemed to be the most fitting solution for her, since pure male looked as "unfitting" as pure female.

Just let me know what you think on this one and happy Easter Egg hunting!

2 years ago
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