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Hoshi the Celestial

"Queen of the world and the universe, of wind, water and fire,
god of cosmic thunder storms and inhabitant of a kingdom in the sky.

I am Hoshi, pleased to meat you!

I am old as time, watching the world and controlling the elements...well as good as I can. I must admit that those dragons are quite a handful (especially you, Windlord)! I find myself more and more stressed and in need of relieve. Maybe you can help me let of some steam and help me forget my duty for a small amount of time ;)

I'm waiting for you..."

Updated 2021-05-20:
Quick update already, found some time to finish her dress so here you go! Also some bug fixes.

-Added a dress as garment with PBR texture and normal map

-Paw-pads and toes are now garments to in order to save some draw calls etc...

-I forgot one nail on her smallest toe, added that now

-Added fur on her hands and feet

-Fixed some little fur issues

-Intensified the highlights on her cheeks and chest

-New pose loadout

Updated 2021-09-06:
Final-Form update for my lady Hoshi it is this time!

-Added a Kimono
-Added Lingerie
-Added her katana "Starblind" with it's sheath to the kimono
-Added a tiara
-New Nipples
-New poses
-New normal maps for all the metal parts and clothes

Oh, and don't worry, the old dress is for legacy's sake still on board but disabled. It should work with all other garments except the kimono.

Updated 2021-11-03:
- Nipple-Update
- Added a few missing AO-Layer
- Added a metalness to the kimono
- Added a "remove scale" mask for her armpits and arms
- Added normal map to the horsn
- Added normal map to the nippels
- Added backface-culling for the lingerie

Updated 2021-12-05:
I decided to add a bit of lewdness to her giving you the option to undress her a bit ;)

-Added two shape keys to the kimono, on to reveal her shoulders and one to reveal her boobs

-Added texture and metalness to the heels and also gave the straps some color

Updated 2021-12-24:
Picture update

Updated 2022-03-31:
Expression update

adjusted fur and skin splatter shading

Previous versions

@Blacky that is terrific! <3

1 year, 8 months ago


@Blacky that is terrific! <3

Big thank's! Glad you like her ;)

1 year, 8 months ago

I actually havent gotten around to viewing her properly, I knew she was good. But seeing her finally, I must say, shes super cute! Really good job!

The rainbow hair, sideburns, the sparkly scales and that dress! A lot of nice details and she deservedly requires attention from people.

1 year, 8 months ago


Hey, thanks for your nice words, it means a lot for me!

I put a lot of work, effort and love into all my characters and I'm happy that you recognize that :)

1 year, 8 months ago

Damn, this character was already impressive, but the clothes really put this over the top. Great job!

1 year, 5 months ago


Damn, this character was already impressive, but the clothes really put this over the top. Great job!

Thanks a ton! I had so much fun "reworking" her and I'm glad you like it.
As always: It's a real pleasure to create things you folks enjoy ;)

1 year, 5 months ago
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