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Hoshi the Celestial

"Queen of the world and the universe, of wind, water and fire,
god of cosmic thunder storms and inhabitant of a kingdom in the sky.

I am Hoshi, pleased to meat you!

I came to this world as it is threatened to be consumed by demons for centuries and I do my best to keep those evil forces at bay with my organization called "Seven Angels", watching the world and keeping it safe as good as I can. This long lasting series of wars, hidden from your eye, consumed some of my dearest friends but still those noble dragon families stand with me to fight for a better tomorrow and a one day peacefull world.

Seven Angels - Legacy are: 
Hoshi the Celestial
Kaiga O'Brien
Mai-Lin Night Gale
Oros, the Crimson Eclipse
Magnus, the Radient Roar
Ophelia Meltemi, the Whispering Breeze
Leilani, Autumn Embodied

Seven Angels – Classic are:
Hoshi the Celestial
Aurelia Nightgale
Kyra Nightgale
Cyrill Meltemi
Tallulah O'Brien
Thelonious Valentino
Eilidh Blazedancer

Seven Angels - Young Generation are:
Fabienne Meltemi
Noelani Meltemi
Stiofán O'Brian
Gabriel Valentino
Seraphina Blazedancer
Dawn Starfire
Casimir Nightgale

Updated 2023-07-02:
Major rework

  • Changed kimono model and textures
  • Added getas (traditional japanese sandals)
  • Reworked heel textures
  • Reworked katana textures
  • Added shape keys to the Kimono, dress and lingerie
  • Added new expressions and breathing
  • Added background and new poses
  • Slightly changed her eyebrows

Updated 2023-10-14:
-Adjusted Root scale
-Changed Dragon sign to HD-Garment

Updated 2024-02-05:
Animation update!

  • Adjusted Kimono shapes
  • Added physics to ears, beard and tail
  • Adjusted origin of sword sheath
  • Changed star dragon sign tattoo
  • Minor brush up
Previous versions

@Blacky that is terrific! <3

3 years, 1 month ago


@Blacky that is terrific! <3

Big thank's! Glad you like her ;)

3 years, 1 month ago

I actually havent gotten around to viewing her properly, I knew she was good. But seeing her finally, I must say, shes super cute! Really good job!

The rainbow hair, sideburns, the sparkly scales and that dress! A lot of nice details and she deservedly requires attention from people.

3 years ago


Hey, thanks for your nice words, it means a lot for me!

I put a lot of work, effort and love into all my characters and I'm happy that you recognize that :)

3 years ago

Damn, this character was already impressive, but the clothes really put this over the top. Great job!

2 years, 9 months ago


Damn, this character was already impressive, but the clothes really put this over the top. Great job!

Thanks a ton! I had so much fun "reworking" her and I'm glad you like it.
As always: It's a real pleasure to create things you folks enjoy ;)

2 years, 9 months ago
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