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Stiofán "Stevie" O'Brien

"Yo, what's up, time to party hard 'cause Stevie's here!

What could I say about myself?

I'm the 34 years young, flamboyant lead guitarist and vocalist of the "Savage Union". If I'm not on stage I love to hang out on the beach at daytime and party hard when night falls, you know?

I found a very nice band member and close friend in Cassidy Moon, I have two sisters who take care of me while one of them saves the world like -every day- soooo...what to complain about? Life is really good for me. I'm just searching for a little distraction if you know what I mean ;) "

Updated 2021-06-27:
Smoothed out a few things especially on every garment:

  • Added a belt to the pants and redesigned them a bit so that they fit better now.
  • Changed the color and texture of the tank top so he has two different outfits: one "rock" outfit with the tank top and one casual with the Hawaii shirt but you can combine them as well!

Updated 2021-08-23:
Yo, what's up folks?
Stevie is back with a big loadout of new things:

-Remodeled his face and head shape
-added a new texture to his shirt. You can switch between the two versions by simply enabling the "hawaii" layer inside the coloration tab of the shirt.

-Added a black fill layer to his tanktop so you can switch between black and white the same way as with the shirt I mentioned before.

-Enabled the sunburst-layer on the head of his guitar (forgot to do that the last time).

-Reshaped his pants, added the belt to the mesh and changed the color to a brown.
-Added new nipples
-Added a Jacket.
-Added glasses.
-Added a flat cap (since he is from Ireland and it goes well with his new outfit).
-Added some shorts for the warm beach days.

Once again almost everything is used up in terms of triangles and garment slots. I pretty much consider him finished for now even though he has no shoes...well I'll see how things work out.
Also it's a hell to do shorts and pants for male characters. Those balls are troublesome I can tell you. Maybe I'll need to find another way to do them properly or just wait for new engines.
Anyway, thanks for your likes and comments and till next time!

Updated 2021-11-26:
-Added some tattoos to show the relationship between him and Amanda

-Reworked and recolored the pants (less baggy and better performance for posing)
-Slightly reworked the tank-top
-Glasses are now exposed and bound to the head
-Changed penis model
-new pose

Updated 2022-01-05:
Picture update

Previous versions

Your clothing keeps impressing. I cant really get to your level... yet.

12 months ago


It's the same with everything else in life: If you keep doin' the same things over and over again you'll become better for sure.

As I said earlier: still trying to catch up to your karma :P and that's a hard one!

12 months ago
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