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Stiofán "Stevie" O'Brien

"Yo, what's up, time to party hard 'cause Stevie's here!

What could I say about myself?

I'm the 29 years young, flamboyant lead guitarist and vocalist of the "Savage Union" consisting out of my dear close friend Cassidy on bass guitar, my old friend from school times and multi talent Julius on the keys, the legendary drummer Dale and the "Golden Boy" Claude who's voice will blow you away with ease.
If I'm not on stage I love to hang out on the beach with my girl Amanda at daytime and party hard when night falls, you know?

Being born inside a noble water dragon family comes with a bit of responsibility though. My old man Kaiga has been part of that weird organization called "Seven Angels" for centuries but now my big sis Tallulah will pick up his job and one day...who knows, I myself will take her place. Hope that won't be to soon though. I gotta keep watch over my younger half-sister Niamh after all! My mother died in a tragic accident and my dad decided to marry Shanon, that's why half-sister, you know?

The young generation of the Seven Angels consists out of Fabienne, Noelani, Gabriel, Stiofán, Seraphina, Casimir and Dawn

Updated 2023-04-22:
-Upgrade for the "Savage Sonja" guitar. I changed the corpus to
be a ax-blade and gave it texture
- Added texture to the leather jacket
- Fixed UV's on the flat cap
- Reworked expressions
- Eyebrows are no longer fluff based due to the deformations
that happen when doing expressions
- deleted misplaced beard fluff
- added lord of water decal on the back of his hand
- improved pants binding to prevent clipping
- reworked glasses model slightly
- changed origins of glasses and guitar to give you more
control over those pieces when exposed
- new pose

Updated 2024-02-15:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to tail, ears, necklace and arm/foot fins
  • fins are now parts and no garments any more
  • general touch up
  • added muscular sliders and changed arm length
  • reworked tank top model
  • adjusted guitar holder

Updated 2024-02-20:
Minor texture fixes on the tail due to tail size change

Updated 2024-02-20:
Adjusted tail to new root size and textures with that

Previous versions

Your clothing keeps impressing. I cant really get to your level... yet.

2 years, 10 months ago


It's the same with everything else in life: If you keep doin' the same things over and over again you'll become better for sure.

As I said earlier: still trying to catch up to your karma :P and that's a hard one!

2 years, 10 months ago

New update made this character real good. Nice job!

1 year ago
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