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Cassidy "Cass" Moon

“Hey there guys, the name's Cassidy, but you can just call me Cass ;)

About, 27 years young and quite the wild one would describe it, I guess?!
I'm always on the run in search for action, be it sports or music. I play Bass-Guitar since I was 6 and I really looooove rock and metal.
I have two younger sisters, Giuliana and Michelle.

My life changed a lot once I met that crazy shark-dragon Stiofán and we decided to get our band started: the "Savage Union".
Now our band consist out of the two of us, the multi talent Julius on the keys, the legendary drummer Dale and the "Golden Boy" Claude on lead vocals - my ex-boyfriend. We do come along quite well though.
Manager of the band is Amanda, Stiofán's girlfriend .

Ok, enough blah blah. See you on the next gig ;)

Until then.


Updated 2022-05-30:
- added shape keys to almost every piece of garment!
- cut some triangles, reworked jacket completely and rearranged to clothes so that all non-body stuff is really a garment.

Updated 2023-10-19:
Cloth and texture update

  • Changed glasses model and it's a part now instead of a garment
  • Changed Jacket model and texture
  • Changed skirt model and texture
  • Heels +Stockings now have shape keys to disable one or the other inside pose mode.
  • Reworked fur
  • Reworked binding of the corset
  • Minor expression tweaking
  • added a shape key to the thong to get her out of it

Updated 2024-02-03:
Animation update!

  • added physics to ears, tail and collar
  • adjusted shaders and smoothness on body and cleaned up ill masks
  • small cloth tweaking for better performance

Updated 2024-03-24:
Fixed fur issues on the stockings binding

Updated 2024-04-24:
- Fixed a problem with her ears being shaded wrong due to new third party importer.
- Changed Nipple piercings to be appendages so they move and deform with the boobs
- Minor binding fixes where bra and crop top were clipping on her shoulders

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