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Gabriel Valentino

"Piece everyone, the name's Gabriel, 24, earth dragon! My dad,Thelonious the so called "Lord of Earth" but I don't care about blood lineage and titles and stuff like that. I decided to go demon hunting MY way and lemme tell ya: I'm good at this!

Hobbies you ask?
Uh...going on adventures, traveling around the globe, rescuing girls in need -if you know what I mean-
Speaking of which: That was also the way how I met my girlfriend Fabienne and her Sister Noelani and now, seven years later, I seemingly ended up as a member of the newly formed "Seven Angels" alongside with good old Stiofán, that hot little Seraphina, the cute Dawn and the other guy...what was the name of this creep gain? Ah, yeah, Casimir...
Anyway, I'm really excited on how this will continue."

Updated 2023-03-01:
-Added Wings

Updated 2023-04-23:
- New Jacket and gloves textures
- Slightly changed the face to make him a bit older
- Bigger wings
- new pose

Updated 2024-03-03:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to tail and wings
  • Adjusted pants to new binding tech
  • Minor texture touch ups
Previous versions

Dragon may Cry

1 year, 6 months ago


Dragon may Cry

Gotta go find Trish and Lady ;)

1 year, 6 months ago
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