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You need to use the in-app browser inside FurryVNE to load this character.
Simply click "Cloud > Open" to access the cloud from within the app.
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(Original made by @Volpe89)

I found this model that i wanted to use for interaction that wasn't updated with physics so i took the matter in to my own hand and calibrated the tail, ears and back feathers with physics and also did a few small touch-up and fixes to my own liking.


This derivative would not have been possible without the original so all credit goes to mr Volpe


Change made:
Added physics to ear,tail and back feathers
Shorter fur
Combed facial fur Differently
Reverted eyes to default (better matches the original Character)
Changed fur scale of ears and tail
Made the Face marking slightly bigger
Fixed a bunch of clipping in the chest tuft
Fixed a few clipping hair tuft at the back of the cheeks
Pushed the eyes back to prevent clipping with the eyelids
Made the nails black (better matches the original Character)
Made the muzzle slightly shorter
streamlined black lipstick


Updated 2024-03-13:
Added two "fur decal" on chest tuft to make it more seamless.
Slightly tweaked white chest mask to be less jagged on the side.
Combed fur on butt cheeks.
Removed fur getting inside vagina.


Updated 2024-03-19:
=Changed height to 5.8 feet to better match the original character (I used a scalebar asset i found on Minotaur made by @zato).
=Fixed a bunch of bald spot on the fur (when i removed some fur from the vagina it removed fur from behind the camera causing a mess ).
=Added some ambient occlusion to reduce shadow in dark spot (Crotch, Neck, etc).
= properly smoothed out all the fur (AO revealed a LOT of imperfection).
= Slightly desaturated both anus and areola.


Updated 2024-03-21:
=Fixed the uv mapping on the sleeves.
=Added the little ying yang symbols on the sleeves( couldn't add them before because of broken uv map.
=Slightly tweaked reflection on sleeves.
=Added new poses.
(this is my first time using blender ever and had a lot of learning to do but i managed to do all that within a day's worth of research, trials and errors)

Previous versions

Awesome! Great job on the touch ups! I'm liking the way shes looking. Cant wait to see the interactions.

5 months ago

looks very impressive, really good work to make it look like this ^^_

5 months ago

This is a very lovely and well done Renamon. :)

3 months, 1 week ago
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  • First uploaded: 5 months ago
  • Iterations: 4
  • Based on: #1280