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Inspired by a Rocket-Propelled Dragon-Dog-Thing from ARK.

Criticism is always welcome.

Updated 2021-08-30:
Added Cloth, and with all of my drawing skills I managed to make a little "logo" for the shirt. :)
I noticed, its a hard thing to wrap the balls. And the most poses have a weird deformation of the pants. But except these things i am happy with the result. Hope you too. :P

-Changed the name to "Traver" (Managarmr is the Species)
-Little changes to the horn(s)

Criticism is welcome!

Previous versions

sick headshape, really brings his personality out.

Wanna say to give his shoulders a more broad look but Im not familiar to the inspiration so probably not.

Those circular things at his feet are also pretty neat.

3 years ago

Geil :]

3 years ago

wow! hello ark :D

3 years ago
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