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Here is my favorite little big dragon. (Who would have thought that?!)

I tried to give him a more adult look.
Actually I am impressed by myself... but i think there surely is space for some improvements. :)

Criticism is welcome!!!

Updated 2021-06-03:
- Edited the Model to get rid off sharp corners/edges/holes/stuff
- Fixed some coloration fails
- Reduced membrane yellowness

- Added some soft orange stripes

Penis (I really escalated a bit...):
- Reduced size (also the size of the balls, a bit)
- Changed color to more "Penesly" look

PS: Thanks for your feedback!!!

Criticism still welcome!

Updated 2021-08-13:
Tried myself with some custom offset stuff:
-Hopefully a more Spyro-ish nose/muzzle/face
-user expressions
-Fixed a thing on the wrists, that looked odd

-new Screenshots/Poses

Updated 2021-09-27:
-added "NormalOcclusion" to the body and tail. This seems not to work around the chest/breasts. But it turns out pretty well.
-smoothing to "Fin" for better deformation(maybe)

Updated 2022-03-11:
-found out how to fix the coloration error on the neck
-edited the teeth
-edited the nose/muzzle
-changed color of back spikies
-added something like a "wingsocket"
-eyebrows are movable
-uhm... stuff?!

Previous versions

Absolutely great. Awesome Textures and everything. Im particular in love with his skin, looks so good! Like, really good!
I do not think anyone would make a better spyro.

But as for the Penis,
my only preference is that it is too big, but whatever, thats just me.

Where I think it can be better is if it had a different colour from the base colour as to look more Penisy, and less blended with the rest of the colour pallette. So that it is slightly more separated from the hard purple dragon skin.

And something to give the penis a softer texture. I tend to use like a noise texture to for skin splatter effect like this

Other than just refining the penis, this guy is absolutely awesome!

1 year, 2 months ago

schaut mega aus @Spyro-Dragon

1 year, 2 months ago

Very nice, looks sick AF! Also glad that my old wing model is put to good use around here ;)

Speaking of which: You can "clear sharp" inside blender to get rid of those edges that you can see on the "claws" of the wings.

I would prefer a lower thickness value on the wing's membrane and would jump right on the train @Craket with the penis criticism, but besides those points I am glad that you are on board since this interpretation of Spyro is so well done!


1 year, 2 months ago

Nice, you did it! You really did do Spyro well.

Rest easy, you've earned it.

1 year, 2 months ago

Lots of work has gone in to that character and it shows, he's looking real good!

10 months, 3 weeks ago
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