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Vlu'Fnir and his best "friend" offer you a nice "donut". Dont't be rude and show him the right way to "eat" it... :P

Criticism is welcome!

Updated 2024-06-16:
-new fur
-new tail
-edited offset
-edited coloration
-edited shaft

Previous versions

His fur on his face is nice. Usually fur on face turns out bad but you did it well. And his face shape is pretty good as well.

Im gonna nitpick this hard so get ready:
The fluff you made and used is really good, but I see it as mostly good for being supportive to other fluff than being the main fluff. Mostly because it is as thin as the fur, right? So it can blend and even out from the fur to the fluff... Also im stealing it btw, its now also in my possession :P

Although it is fine on the spine and tail, because as I said, it looks to support the fur/fluff. Give the illusion that some parts of the fur is longer.

And with that, to me, the fur just does not come out as fluffy around the neck and head areas.

But that is all fine because that is just my preference, henceforth why this is a pretty specific nitpick.

2 years, 6 months ago

Super geil @Spyro-Dragon :P

2 years, 6 months ago
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