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Although this is a Killer Whale, he is more interested in "friendlier" activities...

Criticism is welcome!

Updated 2022-04-12:
@Craket : I think i know what U mean. He has no horns or, at least, ears what decorate his head. That makes him look "empty".

-added some... uhm... artificial decorations?! (This seems to be fitting, but not sure it "decorates" him well)
-now he like dolphins :)
- slightly reduced the diameter of upper legs
-removed eyelashes (its really better)

If there is anything else, just tell!

Updated 2022-06-21:
- Added cloth
- edited the chains on his tail
- little color edits
- stuff

Previous versions

Good, real good textures as well.

My big criticism is that he seems slightly generic, or without personality in a way. Depends on what you want, you could give him something to define as himself more. This notion I think comes from him being Bald-like and nude (obviously).

You could give him something, like rings, necklace, some kind of bracelet or something? Tatoos or scar could also work.

The only other thing I would do is shorten/remove eyelashes, they kinda do not fit but that might just be me.

2 years, 1 month ago

Great changes! That was exactly what he needed! nice

2 years, 1 month ago
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