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This is Kxân'tyê, or just "Santi". She is a... ahm... an ... uhh... ? Just say its a dragon, maybe.

Make sure you have something to feed her hungry tail.

Criticism is welcome!

Updated 2022-05-02:
Made some changes based on the criticism from "AltTAb". (more or less) thaks for that. :P

  • gave the muzzle/beak/snout/mouth...... a more purple color
  • Made her more colorful and more glowy
  • The tail can now bite (it wont, maybe, i guess... just try out)
  • Tail thickness and mouth edits
  • added some antenna thingies
  • uhm?!
  • stuff

Hope I didn't made her worse.

More criticism is welcome!

Previous versions
This comment has been removed.

hey there... well it's a ... hum disturbing work here xD

i'm focusing my criticism on the tails since i find the rest pretty ok =)

one exception the mouth colour choice : - i dunno, it contrast too much with the rest of her face and body color

so the tails, 2 things disturb me :
- the base : i find it too big proportionality to the rest of the body and tails, i think it need to be lowered from the base to when the mouth start
-the tails mouth : it's weird, i mean the form, the curve of it is weird, i dunno how to explain it but you can resolve it by making it more "round", since it can grip object maybe add teeth to it ?

also you've done well with the glowing parts but why wings have glowing claws but not the claws of the hands and feets ? head, tails and wing have been the Center of the work, but the chest, hands, and feets seem to be neglected.

1 month, 3 weeks ago
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