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Interaction Camera (Nodes, Camera mode) (Not FPS)

Camera Nodes

The camera node is a place-able object that functions like most other nodes in VNE interaction (Rotation, Movement, etc.). The camera nodes also function much like the Look At Target function when being put on the timeline in terms of positioning. This would allow camera to move through the scene as if on a track. This movement would be a key frame that can be manipulated and adjusted. Other aspects of the camera (Angle, Zoom, etc.) can be adjusted on the timeline as key frames as well.

Multiple cameras can be put in a scene and then the cameras can we switched trough as events within the timeline.

Camera's could have a cone that shows where they are pointed and make adjusting the frame easier without adjusting the from the POV. This would appear when moving the camera in the scene and when rotating it.

Camera Mode

Camera mode allows the user to move through the cameras based on how they are set up within the timeline. This mode also gets rid of the hud/menus and only allows the user to watch the scene from how they made it in the timeline. Alternatively camera mode allows the user to turn off the hud/menus at any time and makes smaller adjustments easier to perform. Still allowing the user to watch from the POV of the cameras.


I would also like to add, will require an editing toggle that puts us in cameras POV or not.

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