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Nellaiah "Nel" Zephyricorn

Elder twin sister of Nephele Meltemi and head of the house Zephyricorn, Nellaiah is a well known, respected and feared royal dragoness of the wind dragons.

Being a fierce warrior and a highly skilled wind magician, there was only one dragon able to best her in single combat: Cyrill Meltemi.

He appointed her as his personal right hand and deputy, granting her a place inside Hoshi's domain.

Nel is the biological mother of Noelani but the family kept it a secret and Noelani ended up being raised by Nephele, away from all the wars and potential threads.

Nellaiah is highly inspired and recreated by the Fire Emblem Engage character "Nel".

Updated 2024-03-13:
Animation update!

  • Changed eyes (new texture and unique glow, two different
  • Added physics to tail, wings and hair
  • Reworked tail texture and fur coloration (to fit her sister better)
  • Fixed a issue on the pants open shape key
  • General texture touch up

Updated 2024-03-22:
Fixed jacket binding problems

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