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Fara Phoenix

"Hey McCloud, long time no see!
How long has it been...ten years, twelve years?
Anyway, I've heard, you're hiring again and I thought: "why not give it a shoot and revive our old relationship?"

Don't worry about buying new ships, I bring my own along!
Over the past years I've gathered more than enough experience by testing all sorts of air crafts so my flying skill should be on par with yours ;)

I hope you have a place for me inside Star Fox, looking forward to your response!"


Team Star Fox is:
Fox McCloud, Krystal, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and R.O.B NUS 64

Updated 2024-03-08:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to ears and tail
  • Fixed fur issues on ears and ear fluff and the orientation
  • Glasses are now a part to move them around
  • Minor texture touch ups
Previous versions

Oh wow, the clothing design on her makes her pretty cool actually!

1 year ago


Oh wow, the clothing design on her makes her pretty cool actually!

Thanks a lot!

I decided to open up that spot on her suit last minute for exactly this reason.

I want to keep as much of her clothes on as this defines her character a lot and without all the assets she's pretty simple.
I thought it could work out to make something happen with shape keys and it did!

1 year ago
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  • First uploaded: 1 year ago
  • Iterations: 2
  • Based on: #1153