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Slippy Toad

"Aw, leave these looser to the pros! We'll beat 'em in no time!"

-Slippy Toad

Meet the mechanic of the Star Fox Team. Slippy Toad is here!

He's the best engineer around Corneria and a close childhood friend of Fox McCloud but not much of a fighter. Being clumsy, cautious and the comic relieve character of the series Slippy is the one who should definitely not be missing around here.

I must say that I am really loving him for being the goofball and mascot of the team so I hope I managed to capture his expression and face as good as possible. I also have a good amount of triangles left so I'll add some more stuff and also fix some minor performance issues, he's not finished but, as always, I'm eager to get things to release, updating stuff afterwords.

Tell me what you think, I hope you like him :D

Updated 2022-01-10:
Lippy now swings the wrench!

-Added belts around his overalls
-Added two wrenches on for his hand and one on his belt, both are exposed in pose mode to get it moving

-Improved performance of the jacket and the overalls (still the two might clip into each other)

-slightly adjusted head shape and visor

Updated 2022-01-19:
-Removed teeth

-Picture update

Previous versions

Those eyes! (And tiny hat). Yeah, you got him down really good alright.

4 months, 1 week ago


Those eyes! (And tiny hat). Yeah, you got him down really good alright.

Thanks a lot, that's indeed nice to hear ;)

4 months, 1 week ago
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