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Falco Lombardi

"Hey McCloud, different time, different planet and you still need Falco's help. It's good to see ya buddy!"

-Falco Lombardi

So it's about time to get the last member of the Star Fox team up here! Falco Lombardi is the ace pilot of the gang, or better known as the hotshot fly-boy who's kind of a handful. He's the friendly rival of Fox and for him the team is family. Although he's been on solo-missions for quite a while during the peaceful time after the Lylat Wars now he's back to have some fun alongside his comrades!

As always a lot of time and love flows in that character and I've got some little tweaking to do and add some expressions but I guess this is it. Let me know what you think ;)

Updated 2022-01-27:
- fixed a bug where the star fox emblem on his blaster is not displayed correctly

-Picture Update

Previous versions

down special

5 months ago


down special

If you're reffering to smash bros it would actually be the side special since the down one is the shine ;) but no one likes smartasses so I shut my mouth.

Also thanks for your votes :D

5 months ago
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